about CCEDC

The Clear Creek Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) is a non-profit organization established in 1985 that provides economic development services to Clear Creek County and its municipalities and administers the Business Loan Fund Program in Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties. CCEDC’s goal is to encourage growth, focus on business and job retention, and work towards a more diverse and sustainable economy while acting as the catalyst for building public and private partnerships. We are here to assist businesses every step of the way. Businesses come to enjoy the lifestyle, business environment, entrepreneurial support, and strategic location.

Staff / Board of Directors

Lindsey Valdez joins the CCEDC coming from Las Vegas, New Mexico, where she served at the municipal and state levels in community development and marketing. Lindsey, along with a committed Board of Directors, looks forward to continuing the invaluable work of the CCEDC, supporting diversified development that highlights the unique rural character of Clear Creek County.

Lindsey Valdez, President
Dan Ebert, Chairman
Sally Buckland, Vice Chairman
Mark Graybill
Mike Hillman
Keith Montag
Tom Hale
Cindy Condon
Wendy Koch
Rob Goodell
Tara Hosick
Stephan Andrade

Our Vision

  1. To Support Businesses
  2. Grow a sustainable economy
  3. Foster quality of life through partnerships with businesses, government, and community
  4. Create a strong entrepreneur ecosystem
  5. Create a united community brand that showcases our values, opportunities, and assets
  6. Collectively support an infrastructure that supports a strong diverse economy

Our Services

  1. Site Selection
  2. Advocacy
  3. Market Information
  4. Loan Programs
  5. Business Assistance

CCEDC is led by a 12-member Board of Directors comprised of representatives from the government jurisdictions and the private sector. The Board Meetings are held the first Thursday of the month and are held at the CCEDC office located at 502 6th St., Georgetown, CO, 2nd floor.

Our Communities

Idaho Springs

Adventure in every direction...

Idaho Springs is just 30 minutes from metro Denver and world class skiing. This historic community thrives on tourism. From its charming Main Street, diverse recreation opportunities, great restaurants, and unique shops Idaho Spring’s is a destination for the entire family. It’s also a strategic location to locate your business with a pro-business climate that makes it easy to feel right at home in this bustling community.


Business is Welcome!

At the crossroads of I-70 and US Hwy 40 Empire is literally the hub of all activities and recreaation in any direction. Home of the original Hard Rock Café and vistas that can’t be beat, Empire has all the elements of a place to live, start a business, and live the Colorado lifestyle. Tourism makes this community come alive with its unique eateries and gift shops. Lots of room to grow your business and be at the heart (hub) of it all.


Authentic and one of a kind!

Part of the National Historic Landmark District Georgetown is a destination waiting for your visit. From its unique shops, selection of great restaurants, historic tours, train rides, recreation opportunities and the positive business climate, Georgetown is definitely a must see. Come for a visit and stay a lifetime!

Silver Plume

Step back in time and you’ll be caught up in your future!

Take advantage of I-70 and the entrepreneurial spirit in this town by joining some unique businesses that have called Silver Plume home. This town doesn’t want to change but they do want to move forward with new businesses and a motivated citizenry. Stop and feel the charm of this rustic community.

Entrepreneurship in Clear Creek County

With the favorable business climate, affordable living costs, and generally strong spirit of independence, Clear Creek County is ideal for innovative companies, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

Clear Creek County provides a lifestyle choice. Recognizing that entrepreneurship is key to the area's economic growth, Clear Creek County is creating a pro-business environment where ideas can take root and grow. CCEDC's goal is to attract new start-up companies and assist these start-ups with each step of their development stage.

Clear Creek Land and Development Bank (CCL&DB)

The CCL&DB is a sister organization to CCEDC established to acquire , hold, and transfer interest in real property and capital assets in Clear Creek County to promote commercial/economic development and targeted projects all in ways that are consistent with the economic goals of CCEDC. The objective for any acquisition is for commercial development, workforce housing, assemblage, or economic development. Real estate or infrastructure acquired by CCL&DB, whether vacant property or underutilized property, must be located in targeted redevelopment areas, and identified as directly benefitting a specific project. For more information on this organization please contact Lindsey Valdez at 303-569-2133